Thursday, December 3, 2009

How Did This Happen?

Dear Readers, Picture This:

Posted By: Robert Katz

Your spouse is out of job, the monthly income is halved and your family is left without health insurance. Just as you are managing somehow by slashing all unnecessary expenses your child is hospitalized for a tonsillectomy. Past-due bills are piling up, the number of calls from nasty creditors, and the letters threatening to foreclose on your mortgage, are on the rise too. You contact non-profit debt counseling services who manage to keep their promise of permanently lowering interest rates on some of your outstanding bills. But six months on, and having paid the sign-up charge and monthly fee of the agency, your debt only increases. The counseling services seems to have profited more.

Claim for help is hollow, and the promise to rescue, a scam. The combination of high household debt levels and major corporate layoffs in the past few years has led to a sudden increase in many organizations that depend on people falling for these claims.

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