Thursday, November 19, 2009

Try to save...atleast for your children

By Anshu Dixit

Many families have filed for bankruptcy. Everyone in the family suffers by filing bankruptcy due to the financial crisis. Adults understand the situation but what about the most emotional and sensitive person in the house, what about children. Children do not understand that, what can happen due to financial crisis, bankruptcy is one of them. During bankruptcy procedure a family can lose many things like their home, vehicles, and any other properties they might have. This is difficult for kids to go through because they are losing what is most precious to them. Because sometimes these things are not just thins but precious memories for them. It is not easy to make them understand that why their parents are doing that and why they cannot live the lifestyle they used to. It is a not easy to explain it to kids. Usually people can get rid of many debts but filing for bankruptcy, but they cannot avoid their children’s responsibilities if the parents are separated. The bankruptcy does not only effects children emotionally but financially and socially as well. Your child’s bank account would not be safe if that is under your name at the time of bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court can order you to not to contribute towards your child’s college expenses. If you think that bankruptcy is the only option, it is not true always. You can deal with this problem little bit more efficiently if you can some expert’s advices like bankruptcy expert lawyer. They can tell you what other options are available for you. But do not wait until last minute to see you legal advisor because sooner the better.

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  1. Great story with a ton of high quality content and easy to follow. Nice work...............

  2. It sad to see families struggling due to bankruptcy. we should do our best to avoid it. if we can, - Scarlett Lu

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